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foison C24 will not accept new projects

Hi , I am new to using my plotter so forgive me if this has been asked before , but I purchased a 2nd hand foison C24 as a starter set up and it was all working fine ( after a few hiccups with finding which port to connect to ) I had cut a few jobs and while some came out really good there was some tearing on the corners of others so I decided to try an reset /clean the blade and blade holder, while putting another test project through I noticed the cut was way too deep so I paused the job and now nothing I do will go through to the machine, as in it makes the connection sound when plugging in the USB cable the progress bar on easy cut studio goes all the way across saying the job has been sent to printer but the head isn`t moving at all, when I put the machine off line, the head will move with the arrows and if I put back on line without zeroing will go back to the home point , also off line it will do a test cut perfectly , but just will not accept any new jobs , I thought it might be easy cut , so deactivated the license and installed on my desktop instead but have still got the same problem, sorry for the long post but thought it better to give all the information in one hit,  


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    Welcome to the Make The Cut (MTC) software support forum. It is not a generic cutting forum, but specific to users of the 3rd party software program MTC that worked with some cutters. MTC has also not had any updates or improvements in a number of years and has essentially been abandoned by the developer. As a result, there is little activity here anymore. I would try to find specific support for that cutter and/ or software for further help and troubleshooting. That said if cutting too deep, you need to adjust the depth of your blade usually on these types of cutters and that could be the cause of your tearing on some corners. Did you completely shutdown your cutter and restart it to see if that would help?
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  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,877
    I'm familiar with your cutter model and Easy Cut Studio, so I should be able to provide you some help. Test each of these possible solutions:

    (1) Assuming you've rebooted your computer and the cutter, then try again with a simple shape from the Library, like a circle... nothing else in the file until you get it working again. Also, make sure the Control Panel shows Online status with V and F settings showing. 

    (2) Even though you heard the "beep" make sure the USB cable is securely plugged in on both the computer and cutter sides.

    (3) Press the Menu button once and note the BR (Baud Rate) that's showing on the Control Panel. In Easy Cut Studio, go to Cutter>Cutter Settings and make sure that same Baud Rate is set. 

    (4) Make sure correct Model is still selected in your Cut Settings window (in the drop-down menu next to Model).

    (5) To verify that your PC is still correctly identifying the Foison as a cutter, with the cutter turned on, right click on the Windows Start button and select Device Manager.  Then look for a folder called Ports… open it and it should say something like USB-Serial Com (X) where X is the chosen com port. 
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